Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Muzzy Rosenblatt Sucks Gutter Water

The prezzie of the BRC has served CBGBs with walking papers but the fight continues! Please sign the SAVE CBGBs petition, get involved and stop looking at this as some failing club that's past its prime! The club means more than just a place for aspiring bands to get their start. It is part of an illustrious and dying part of our history. I implore you to get involved. For those of us who believe the City is being systematically denuded of any character and edge, keeping CBs alive, open and thriving is an important factor in resisting the willingness for NYC to become a part of the rest of this God foresaken, sanitized, homogeninzed country.

Even Seymour Stein, former head of Sire Records said that "I believe in preserving our heritage in New York - we've lost so much. We didn't need Mrs. O'Leary's cow to kick over a lantern to destroy our city like in Chicago, or an earthquake like in San Francisco - we're doing it ourselves."

Didn't we all like NYC a little better when Gerald Ford told us to get fucked?!!?

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