Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is The Bottom Line

In 1993 I had the great pleasure of seeing Allen Ginsberg and Jim Carroll at The Bottom Line. Mr. Ginsberg performed Don't Smoke amongst other poems/songs and Mr. Carroll read a lesser-known story featuring a snake and a deli. Not only were the stories great but the whole evening cost me $15 bucks. I was a waitress and bartender at the time so seeing two of my heroes for a price that wouldn't even buy me a t-shirt these days made me feel like I was getting over. It was the cultural equivalent of dine and dash!

The Bottom Line closed on January 22, 2004. Today it's a lecture hall for NYU law students but for whatever reason always looks empty...

Allan Ginsberg performs Don't Smoke

Jim Carroll Band People Who Died

The Bottom Line then...

The Bottom Line today (August 2009)

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Amanda said...

i interned at bottom line records in 1999... they had moxy frouvous and susan werner on their label. they folded like in 2001... a foreshadow to the bottomline. too bad there aren't any places like that to see shows anymore.